There are a few things to consider before moving foward, and you will more than likely have a few questions to ask about the process, so this space will (hopefully) cover most concerns and address any potential issues.
  1. STEP 1.
    Make contact. Drop me an email introducing yourself, briefly describe your business and the project,
  2. STEP 2.
    I will reply as soon as possible and send through some questions to further explore the project requirements.
  3. STEP 3.
    Once I have received the completed questionnaire I can get to work. I will process the information and come up with some creative genius. I will also forward a price list or quote the work.
  4. STEP 4.
    I will send through 5 samples (or draft images) for you to peruse. From here, you can select 3 of the 5 samples that appeal to you. I can make any required changes at this point. Fees will be incurred with excessive changes and amendments.
  5. STEP 5.
    Once you are happy with the overall design and concept, we can discuss file formats and further requirements, if needed. I will ensure to be open and honest with pricing and additional fees at the project progresses.
    I will happily provide ONE free sample image to NEW clients, along with a project quote. The sample will be watermarked, non-printable and read-only file format.