Hello there!

My name is Larissa Chandler.   I am a freelance Graphic Designer living in the sunny state of Queensland. Although I have not resided long in the title of 'Graphic Designer', I have always artistic flare, been artisticly minded, and consider myself to be "creative-by-nature".  I guess it is instinctual and second nature for me to find (or see) art in every aspect of life. I have loved the creative arts and design since I was a child... drawing, painting, sewing, just to name a few.  Now, as a doting wife and busy mum of two, I believe designing is all the more relevant, because  I am inspired by my family and more motivated than ever to get the most out of life....for me, that is within the realm of Graphic Design.

I have always been surrounded by talented and creative people, inspiring me in the way of art and creativity.  Kudos goes to my super mum who I watched create bridal gowns and taught me to make my first hairtye 'Scrunchie', my dad the musician, my four sisters; one who was my high school art teacher & another sister being a photographer. I have uncles in interior design, wood crafting, media design & priniting...so I think it is safe to say that creativity is in my blood, and it was enevitible that I would become a "Creative Type" .

My heart and soul goes into every concept, every design, every project. I love the challenge of logo design, I get enjoyment out of my ideas being accepted and appreciated by my clients.  With attention to every detail,  I connect with your project and work with you along the way to fulfill your vision.

Please contact me with any questions and queries. I would love to talk to you about your project.